Zambia palm


Foxtail Palm in three different sizes 10″ | 12″ | 16″/18″ are available on in large stock. buy plants online or visit our nursery.

10" 12" 16"/18" "
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Zamia furfuracea is a cycad native to southeastern Veracruz state in eastern Mexico. Although not a palm tree, its growth habit is superficially similar to a palm; therefore it is commonly known as cardboard palm or cardboard cycad. Other names include cardboard plant, cardboard sago, Jamaican sago, and Mexican cycad.
Scientific name: Zamia furfuracea
Conservation status: Endangered (Population decreasing) Encyclopedia of Life
Higher classification: Zamia
Division: Cycadophyta
Family: Zamiaceae

10", 12", 16"/18" "


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