Foxtail palm


Foxtail Palm in three different sizes 12″ | 16″/18″ |24″are available on in large stock. buy plants online or visit our nursery.

12" 16"/18" " 24"
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The foxtail palm tree (Wodyetia bifurcata), an Australian native, is an adaptable, fast-growing specimen. In recent years, varieties of foxtail palm trees have become popular with landscapers and nurserymen in warmer zones of the United States. Grown in a wide range of soils, the only requirements are that soil be well draining and not highly acidic. Tolerant of salty sea spray and wind, the foxtail palm tree is an excellent choice for those who live on ocean fronts and other salt prone areas.  Let’s take a look at how to grow foxtail palms in your garden.


12", 16"/18" ", 24"


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